Ayurveda is an ancient medicine developed 1000s of years ago. Shri. Sushruta Samhita and Shri. Charaka Samhita are the standard written books as a witness for the present world. This is scientific based and does not have any side effects. This science is useful for the normal health and also the diseases. It is composed of understanding the Prakruti (body constitution), diet, dinacharya (daily activities) as part of the training at Rishikesh Yog Sansthan. “Ayus” mean “life” and “Veda” means “science” can be learned as part of the program.



According to Bhagawad gita Sattvik diet will be available. As per Ayurveda, diet is also used for detoxification process. Few items are as follows:-

1. Highly nutritious food by providing dry fruits

2. Tulasi- Anti aging, removes stress

3. These will be used in few dishes of the day as a powder. This food keeps the colon clean.

4. Daily fruits like Berries- these work as antioxidants.

5. Turmeric- this root brings the probiotics naturally to clean up the GIT cover.

6. Mint- if it is the first meal of the day, it can refresh each cell.

7. Green juices or smoothies like spinach with avocado and milk. Pineapple with banana and spinach.

8. Lemon- reduces kidney stones if taken with olive oil or raw apple cider vinegar. Add black pepper and ginger to reduce excessive mucus and removing wastes. This improves immune system and rectifies flu.

9. Ginger with lemon or Cinnamon with honey- prevents fat accumulation.

10. Soaked seeds or nuts are the near stage of germination. Hence the fresh energy and high nutritious condition can be achieved with soaking and sprouting.

11. Soaking reduces the phytic acid of outer layer, encourage the production of beneficial enzymes and reducing enzyme inhibitors, increases vit- B, reduce gluten and enhance digestion, prevent mineral loss and bone loss.

12. Raw vegetables and half boiled vegetables- they are good sources of fibers other than vitamins and minerals. Less amount of fat and calories reduces body weight and good for heart. Broccoli reduces the cancer. Green vegetables- Fertilize the natural microbes of the body.


B. PANCHAKARMA: Different steps of panchakarma are guided by the experts of the school with coordinated yoga sessions. This is hoe the learner’s health is going to be improved during their stay.

C. BASTI:- As mentioned in Sushrutha Samhitha, basti is one of the best process of cleaning the intestine. This is also called as enema. There will not be side effects when administered by experts. As a cleaning process and detoxification process, basti will help the fast recovery from any illness. Skin shines up gradually. This is very good for constipation problems.

D. BODY PACK:- As one of the traditional bath, different pastes like turmeric, sandal, mud etc, helps in providing the good metals to the body. It also detoxifies though the skin.

E. BEAUTY:- As part of the cleaning process, different natural cleaning techniques are available for natural beauty. Indian tradition of outfit is also can be learned.

F. DOSHA & PRAKRUTI:- As per the body composition, the treatments and diet will be given by our experts. This allows the learner to understand and have the health conscious for their life time by learning few topics of Ayurveda.