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Top 9 Reasons WHY Taking A YOGA RETREAT is Important

WHY WE SHOULD GO FOR A YOGA RETREAT Unhealthy lifestyle of the most of the people is a major factor in the development and exacerbation of many chronic diseases. A reason to go for a yoga retreat is to give our self an opportunity to find truly relaxes. Improve flexibility by practicing yoga asana. Improving lifestyles though immersive residential […]

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VAKRASANA   The Vakrasana (Half Spinal Twist Pose) helps to tone the nerves around the spinal cord, strengthen our abdomen and stimulate the internal organs. This yoga asana helps reduce belly fat and lose weight – a major factor in helping diabetics control their blood sugar and lead an active life. Demonstration:   Sit in Dandasana, Inhale, […]

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SLOW PRANAYAMA : General benefits, Therapeutic Benefits and Preventive measures

Pranayama is the perfect control of the life-currents through control of breath and is the process by which we understand the secret of prana and manipulate it. Pranayama can be either fast or slow. Slow Pranayama is relevant to the yogic breathing technique where awareness is on three levels of lung expansion. Slow pranayama techniques give many mental […]


INTRODUCTION: Saint Marichya Pose (Spinal twist in the sitting). It is an endurance practice called Asana. Yoga texts like Yoga Mala by Pattabhi Joice also called as Ashtanga VinyasaYoga developed this pose for intense natural detoxification of the body, breath, mind and allows the natural tranquility. It was described in 4 variations to unfold the […]

 FOUNDATION for LIFE – Self-checkup of Endometrium

The endometrium is the inner lining of the Uterus. It will be thick every 26-30 days and gets detached from the Uterus as the healthy sign called Menstruation. Negative emotions, lack of sleep, irregular diet habits, lack of physical work etc., usually influence the estrogen and progesterone hormones and ends with irregular menstruation. These emotional […]

Jnana Mudra – The Gesture of Consciousness & Knowledge

The most common yogic mudra used in meditation is Jnana Mudra or Gyan Mudra. Jnana is the Sanskrit word which means knowledge. Touch the tip of Index to the root of  Thumb and turn the palm towards the root chakra. Leave the wrist freely on the knees for the easy adaptation of this mudra. Progress […]


ARDHA BADDHA PADMA PASCHIMOTTANASANA Name: Ardha= half, Baddha= lock, Padma= Lotus, Paschima= West (lower back), Uttana= Upward, Asana= Pose. Meaning:  Half locked lotus back stretch pose. Drishti: Pada Angushta Drishti Procedure: Sit at the 1/3rd of the mat with stretched knees. Now follow the instructions; Inhale grab the big toe of right foot. Exhale, place […]



Rishikesh Yoga Retreats Wishing you and your family a very bright, colorful and joyful holi With love and best wishes Holi, a traditional Hindu festival which celebrates the beginning of spring as well as the triumph of good over evil, begins today.  Hiranya Kashipu as the symbol of Rajasic personality as demonic characteristics like Proud, Ego was […]

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh Yoga Retreats

Rishikesh Yoga Retreats welcomes you all to join their yoga teacher training in the the yoga capital of the world. Set in a stunning location and with modern facilities, near the beach of holy river Ganga. 200 HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IN RISHIKESH    200 Hour International Yoga Certification through the Yoga Alliance Affordable 200 […]

YOGA PRACTICE – Grip to No-Grip

  Probes are any external assisting devices for the beginners. Bringing the evolutionary change with such techniques by saints like BKS. Iyengar is truly safe. But the safety by modern, marketing practitioners are developing many physical ailments like scoliosis, shoulder droop, lordosis, hyperextension of knee hyperextension of elbow, having poor posture outside of the classroom […]