back pain


Back Pain the most common problem of modern day lifestyle. This is not only just pain but hitting the performance of the daily activities. It is significantly more common among adults of 35 and 55 years old. 65% to 75% person of this age are facing the back pain problem. Yoga is a form of […]

Yoga for Depression: Rishikesh Yoga Retreats

Depression is a common and very serious medical illness which negatively affects the health. This starts with the way you feel, the way you think and the way you act. This is explained in ancient texts as Vishayi, Vishaya sambhoga. When the senses meet the sense object, the process of interpretation starts that is MIND. With the […]

Accommodation- Rishikesh Yoga Retreats

Accommodation– Rishikesh Yoga Retreats Rishikesh Yoga Retreats team always understands that, when a student travels to India for a yoga retreat they look for a great experience with the facilities provided apart from the quality of the teaching. Good accommodation is one of them. Rishikesh Yoga Retreats is located near the bank of holy river Ganga, […]