Jnana Mudra – The Gesture of Consciousness & Knowledge

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The most common yogic mudra used in meditation is Jnana Mudra or Gyan Mudra. Jnana is the Sanskrit word which means knowledge. Touch the tip of Index to the root of  Thumb and turn the palm towards the root chakra. Leave the wrist freely on the knees for the easy adaptation of this mudra. Progress by allowing the tip of the index finger to touch the tip of Thumb than  seeking a mechanical pressure from the root of thumb. Maintain the other fingers straight or atleast not touching the thumb and index fingers. This mudra is also called as the Psychic gesture of knowledge.

  • YOGA :  This is the second powerful gesture can be used in meditation. The circuitry transportation of energy through the body parts before leaving to environment is the main concept that activates the “root chakra” or “mooladhara chakra” and then Swadhishtana chakra easily. The knowledge of creation of self and its mastery is the main use of this mudra. This is the through the pranic channel called nadi called “Gupta Nadi” from knees, thighs to root chakra. Hence this mudra helps for awakening of “Kundalini”. Slowly practitioner gets intuitive knowledge.
  • TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE: Lung meridian at thumb and Large Intestine meridian at index finger are balanced in their functions. Lungs are for purification of blood through oxygen and carbondy-oxide exchange. Large intestine is for the absorption of micro nutrients like water, minerals and vitamins in the blood or retains for excretion through rectum and anus.
  • MODERN MEDICINE: Sensations through median nerve connects with the homunculus at sensory and motor areas of brain. Thumb and Index have larger area for awareness. The action potential transport for certain period reduces the other flows or thoughts at Limbic system. This how the stress reduces with this practice.
  • AYURVEDA: The diversion of digested material at large intestine can be diverted either to “Vyana vayu” that circulates through blood or “Apana vayu”that removes the anus. Ayurveda says Index is the representation of air and thumb as Fire. These help in the balancing of Vata, Pitta and Kapha compositions.


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