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Tradition is considered to be the shine from inside. The tranquility makes all difference from one to other. The mental and physical conduct of life is the base for our outward appearance and that is how the world receives us. The word Traditional has come into the world to show that path of enlightenment from within. The values of tradition vary from region t region, but they all say same. Tranquility is the key life. Understand that traditional values and conduct is very basic in India. Each activity has its own scientific back ground and the effect on health. That is how the mind will explore the many spiritual powers. Here is an example of such daily routine.


Fully covering the body parts or avoiding exposure of skin is the tradition helps the others. Seeing skin (other than face) has much influence on mental activity of others. So, avoid worldly attachments like, costly clothing, colourful fabric etc., Pratyahara is the step given by Patanjali maharshi is to be remembered here. This is the reason why, the uniforms are mandatory even from school age.

Difficulty in wearing cloths makes the mind in the present moment like long fabric. Eg; Saree, Dhoti. It improves the coordination, self awareness. This engages the mind that is basal ganglia for balanced walk, cerebellum for coordination of muscles at individual joints, cooperative execution with the help of frontal cortex. Hence the Indian dress-up itself is a meditation of the day.

The pleasant color helps to calm down the mind, of self and others. Red color is considered to be active state for the day and is considered to be success. White is considered to be peace and calms down the mind. The representation of color is the mind of that person for that moment. This is Chromo therapy or color therapy which helps our health.

The natural fabric like cotton is very near to the earth element and its connection with other elements will be easier. Hence you feel balanced and light. But the fabrics like silk has the capacity to absorb heat element more than other elements hence you feel hot. But as per the nature, we can choose these and still be healthy. As per Patanjali, Yama and Niyama are the starting steps of physical practices. Hence use the mind for internal journey than outside attachments in choosing fabrics. Tradition says cotton and light colors wearing is considered to be auspicious for yoga practitioner.


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