The three classical texts of yoga are Gheranda Samhita, Hatha yoga Pradipika and Shiva Samhita. Rishikesh yoga sansthan reveals the concept and conduct of Gheranda Samhita as this 100 hour program. A brief description of the course according to Gheranda Samhita,

Gheranda samhita book:- This is of 17th century text and has the collections of a sage by name, Gheranda. He brought few asanas as a standard mechanism to strengthen and maintain the endurance of physical body. Such asanas and few mudras were developed for the journey of physical to prana level.

The concept of Kriyas which are derived from the Sanskrit text for purification called Shatkarma for the physical and mental level. Apart from these as mentioned in Patanjali yoga sutras Pratyahara is considered to be the cleaning technique for mind.

Pranayama:- the vital force and connection of this physical existence with the nature will be experienced with pranayama. Learner can experience the lightness and healthy state.


Meditation:- The learner will get to know the way of different perception of the world than before. The process of meditation in the general and specific time are discussed in detail.

All the above practices leads to Transformation. This is isolation as the end product of the learning program makes the personality.

Advance practices can be made from the long maintainance and combination of asanas for the spiritual advancement and the treatment. Hence the syllabus make a person healthy and yoga sadhaka

As the tradition of Rig veda, chanting and its effects interms of pranic energization is the mediator for every session. As the training, even the students will be allowed to have the chanting for their life time.


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