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Rishikesh is the place of many ashrams on either sides of river Ganga at foot hills of Himalaya mountains. As per the history, lord Shiva and his wife Parvati practiced the spiritual lifestyle and witnessed to the common people. Since years, many people come to this place in Uttarakhand state and move further into Himalayas for spiritual benefits and become Sadhu or saints. Hence the nature is same to see, to listen, to think. So, there is a lot of chance for any learner to experience the spiritual vibes easily. Rishikesh now recognized place as capital of “yoga”.

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Why Rishikesh Yog Sansthan :


Yoga Therapy

1. Yoga Therapy for Obesity

2. Yoga Therapy for Cancer

3. Yoga Therapy for Arthritis

4. Yoga Therapy for Heart Diseases

5. Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

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Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC)

Rishikesh Yog Sansthan makes Yoga Teacher progressively a significant all around experienced Yoga instructor.The ancient Knowledge will be ensured for balanced lifestyle and the student not only gain the personality but will also get yoga Alliance certificate for future growth.

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Yoga Tour (Outdoor Activities)

Adventurous Trips along with yoga and retreats. Have some memorable good time with Rishikesh.
1. Trekking and lovely site seeing of Rishikesh or
2. River Rafting in Rishikesh or
3. Trek to waterfall
4. Ganga Arti (Evening Ceremony)
5. One Hour Yoga Session per day

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Yoga Workshops with Certificates

1. Yoga Workshops for Corporates
2. Yoga Workshops for Physicians
3. Yoga Workshops for Nurses
4. Yoga Workshops for Physiotherapy
5. Yoga Workshops for Pregnant
6. Yoga Workshops for Old age
7. Yoga Workshops for Women
8. Yoga Workshops on Trataka
9. Yoga Workshops on Yoga nidra
10. Yoga Workshops on Pranayama
11. Yoga Workshops on Kriya
12. Yoga Workshops for Kids

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Food and Accomondation

Vagetarian food and accommodation. Private or a shared room are available. Accommodation will have clean bed and blanket, attached bathroom with hot water facility and periodic clean-up facilities with filtered drinking water. we provide free WiFi access, and a well-equipped library with several books for your reference.

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500 hour Yoga Training Course Schedule

Jan 1st to Feb 28th

Mar 1st to April 30th

May 1st to Jun 30th

Jul 1st to Aug 30th

Sep 1st to Oct 30th

Nov 1st to Dec 30th

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100 hour Yoga Training Course Schedule

Jan 1st and Jan 15th
Feb 1st and Feb 15th
Mar 1st and Mar 15th
Apr 1st and Apr 15th
May 1st and May 15th
Jun 1st and Jun 15th
Jul 1st and Jul 15th
Aug 1st and Aug 15th
Sept 1st and Sept 15th
Oct 1st and Oct 15th
Nov 1st and Nov 15th
Dec 1st and Dec 15th

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200 hour Yoga Training Course Schedule

Jan 1st to Jan 25th
Feb 1st to Feb 25th
Mar 1st to Mar 25th
Apr 1st to Apr 25th
May 1st to May 25th
Jun 1st to Jun 25th
Jul 1st to Jul 25th
Aug 1st to Aug 25th
Sept 1st to Sept 25th
Oct 1st to Oct 25th
Nov 1st to Nov 25th
Dec 1st to Dec 25th

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300 hour Yoga Training Course Schedule

Jan 1st to Feb 4th
Feb 1st to Mar 4th
Mar 1st to Apr 4th
Apr 1st to May 4th
May 1st to Jun 4th
Jun 1st to Jul 4th
Jul 1st to Aug 4th
Aug 1st to Sep 4th
Sept 1st to Oct 4th
Oct 1st to Nov 4th
Nov 1st to Dec 4th

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About Us

Why Rishikesh Yog Sansthan?
Qualified teaching staff. Integrative teaching with modern and ancient views. Cleanly and healthy freshly cooked food. Simple and yogic accommodation within safe nature. Yoga shaala or school is much near to the river Ganga. View of mountains around with eco friendly animals and creatures of mountain life adds the beauty of living atmosphere. Local people and their family lifestyle witness the disciplines of dress-up, timings of day and night activity, serving of cows etc. Diseases can be treated with combination of Physiotherapy, yoga therapy, and lifestyle. Such programs are possible at this yoga shaala or institute or school as workshops

TTC @ Rishikesh Yog Sansthan:
After completing 200 hour yoga TTC, the beginners are asked to make document about the changes happening with practices. Discussions and research with basics of modern science, every learner becomes a witness of certain physiological changes of yoga practice. This is the evidence-based practice happens as 300 hour yoga teacher training course (TTC). It is a 35 days lifestyle training to bring new habits of yogic lifestyle. Hence the learner can become professional trainer to teach others with his or her own experience than bookish knowledge.

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yoga training fees :
100 hour yoga TTC - $500 USD
200 hour yoga TTC - $1,000 USD
300 hour yoga TTC - $1,400 USD
500 hour yoga TTC - $2,500 USD
3 Hr yoga therapy - $50 USD
CEP Workshops - $100 USD
Place Visits - $1,000 USD

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