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The Vakrasana (Half Spinal Twist Pose) helps to tone the nerves around the spinal cord, strengthen our abdomen and stimulate the internal organs 오션스11 다운로드. This yoga asana helps reduce belly fat and lose weight – a major factor in helping diabetics control their blood sugar and lead an active life.


  • Sit in Dandasana,
  • Inhale, bend the right knee in the upward direction to place the foot next to left knee Download the Brolstars doan.
  • Exhale, place the left elbow outside of the right knee and press to twist more and hold the foot.
  • Simultaneously place the right hand behind the buttocks on the floor and support the spine with the right elbow Frozen Dubbing.
  • This is the final posture to be maintained for a minimum of 5 breaths.
  • Inhale, release the right hand from the floor and left elbow to turn front 트랜스포머 게임 다운로드.
  • Exhale, straighten the right knee and relax in “Sithila Dandasana” (relaxed Sitting)
  • Repeat on opposite side.


  • The teacher holds both the shoulder and pull slightly back, and upwards zabbix agent.
  • Pulling force on the right side and pushing force on left side.
  • The teacher also places the knee at upper back/ between shoulder blades and try to make the spine straight enough 지금은 라디오시대 다운로드.

Teaching Practice:

Individual practice: First do it with yourself under the guidance of the Teacher lie.

Practice in group: Practice with a friend in a group.

Key point: Strait back, lock back, twist abdominal muscle, back palm should be as near to the buttocks as possible on the floor web audio.

Transformation: Slowly the abilities will help in progress to ARDHA MATSEYNDRASANA (Half twisted saint Matsyendranath Pose) one fun man 2nd subtitle. The abilities to process solid food will be effortless and will be able to feel the subtle body. According to PATANJALI YOGA SUTRAS, concentration on “Naval center” and changes will allow the person to know the constitution of the body 탭 소닉 버그 판 다운로드.

VAKRASANA- Therapeutic Benefits, Limitations, Contra-indications

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Compression and relaxation forces on either side of naval region initiate Homeostasis at abdominal region by using PANCREASE. Hence beneficial for DIABETES.
  • It also stimulates the release of BILE from Gall Bladder and helps in FATS digestion. Hence helps in DETOXIFICATION.
  • It allows the absorption capacity by the mechanical pressure on INTESTINE. Hence beneficial for MALNUTRITION, DYSMORPHISM, OBESITY.
  • Maintains the normal range of Red blood cells (RBC) from SPLEEN. Hence beneficial for ANEMIA.
  • Strengthen the intestinal walls and beneficial in prevents HERNIA.
  • Endurance capacity improves at these smooth muscles and beneficial for good digestion and absorption habits.
  • Overall eating habits can be regularized by these mechanical forces. Also, the habits will be sustained by mindfulness while eating. Hence prevents Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Best practice to prevent abdominal fat. Hence it is a golden step for MODELS and DANCERS.

Spiritual benefits: Activates “MANIPURA CHAKRA/ NAVAL CENTER, SOLAR PLEXUS” and calm down the mind.

Limitation: Recent abdominal surgery like Gall bladder removal, renal stones, intestinal hernia, Gastric Ulcers and Peptic Ulcers.


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